Which Is Better, Memory Booster or Advanced Task Killer?

Which Is Better, Memory Booster or Advanced Task Killer?

As everyone knows how Linux OS manages the Android memory in an exceedingly special way - to enable as numerous apps and services to stay simultaneously in the background as you can.Android RAM saver These apps and services will launch very fast and efficiently when needed. For a lot of, Linux OS continues to be doing pretty well in memory and task management. Task memory and killers boosting tools could be regarded as useless. Quite a few people are having troubles with such a system management routine, however. I am unfortunately one of them.

We have a Droid X to use. Every time my memory gets lower to some certain level (55MB also), my phone would slow to a crawl and be almost unusable. To fix this I might make use of a task killer or some memory boosting tool to regain its memory. As far as the memory goes higher than 55MB, my phone will immediately return to its regular speed.

Due to the case, I have tried plenty of task killers and memory boosting tools, among which my favorites are ATK and Memory Booster. They probably happen to be really well-recognized for their high performances. As a regular user of these two applications, I will sum up some of their features and make a comparison of them for someone who might be in the same boat with me.

1. Overview

Around the whole, Memory Booster has more comprehensive functions than ATK, while ATK is normally much easier to use. Personally I use Memory Booster more often for the particular memory boosting performance and something-in-all boosting shortcuts. However it does require serious amounts of get accustomed to it.

2. Similarities:

In task management, Memory Booster and ATK have a lot in common. Both of them offer a summary of apps and services that users can easily select unwanted methods to kill. Besides, both of them have auto kill function, and also a protection list to prevent some needed apps/services from being killed.RAM saving app for Android

3. Something which ATK has while Memory Booster will not:

(1) Kill When Screen is Off

ATK allows users to kill apps when screen is off. In this way all apps will be automatically terminated if they are idle.

(2) Widget

The newest version of ATK features a widget in the home screen which allows users to quickly kill applications. It also reminds you of the available memory and exactly how many applications are killed.

(3) Function to Customize Ui

ATK allows users to create Item Height, Default Click Action, and Default Long-Press Action to customize interface. You can set a default reaction to a click or a long press making task killer more convenient.

4. A thing that Memory Booster has while ATK does not:

(1) Auto Boost Thresholds

Memory Booster allows users to set a threshold of a minimum desired free RAM and automatically reclaim memory when the desired free RAM reaches a lesser percentage. (P.S. I really do love this feature because my phone needs a memory monitor to perform smoothly.

(2) One-Click Memory Boosting

Memory Booster has a Quick Boost option on its main page. Quick Boost is useful when you really need a simple fix of the memory leak.

(3) Real-time Memory Monitor and Status Report

Memory Booster includes a Memory Status graph which shows the real-time memory usage.

(4) Memory Boosting Performance Monitor

Boost log offers a report on when memory boosting occurs and how much memory is reclaimed. If Memory Booster affects your phone's performance, and boost log will record all the memory boosting occurrences, sometimes you may need to check.

(5) System Info

Memory Booster provides system information which can be great for some professional or technical users.

5. Conclusion

To sum up, they may be both very effective in task management and system performance enhancement. Memory Booster reclaims your memory inside a comprehensive way to greatly boost your phone's performance; while ATK gives you an easy shortcut to kill any apps/services you want.

If you are feeling that a task management tool would bring benefit to your phone's performance, these two applications should be on top of your selection list. For users who choose an user friendly shortcut to manage processes, try ATK; for people who enjoy convenient and comprehensive task managers, take a look at Memory Booster without a doubt. The choice is yours.